Friday, September 20 ~
Saturday, November 2, 2019

No side!
Live Rugby + After Party
at Solaniwa

All games of Rugby World Championship 2019 will be broadcasted at Solaniwa Onsen OSAKA BAY TOWER starting from September 20. Grab Heineken beers and delicious foods at Japanese restaurant Ukiyo-tei to get ready for exciting Rugby matches. Cupon on admission fee will be offer for everyone who can join the cheering crowds for Rugby at Solaniwa Onsen!

  • ★Friday, September 20 ~ Saturday, November 2, 2019
  • ★Free of Charge (Entrance admission required for enter the facility)
  • ★2F Yamazen-tei Sake standing bar/ 2F Ukiyo-tei (Japanese cuisine)

Heineken Jack at Sake standing bar!
All Rugby games will be broadcasted.
Sake bar jacked by Heineken, World Cup official suponsor! All games will be broadcasted at Solaniwa Onsen.
Special food with 2 bottles of beers
2F Yamazen-tei Sake standing bar
Special food with 2 bottles of beers 1,600JPY
Broadcasts at Solaniwa Onsen
2F Ukiyo-tei (Japanese cuisine)

9/20(Fri) 19:45 JAPAN V RUSSIA 
9/28(Sat) 16:15 JAPAN V IRELAND
10/5(Sat) 19:30 JAPAN V SAMOA 
10/13(Sun) 19:45 JAPAN V SCOTLAND
10/19(Sat) 16:15 QUARTER-FINALS
10/20(Sat) 16:15 QUARTER-FINALS
10/26(Sat) 17:00 SEMI-FINALS 
10/27(Sun) 18:00 SEMI-FINALS
11/1(Fri) 18:00 BRONZE FINAL 
11/2(Sat) 18:00 FINAL

All You Can Drink and Special food menus are available!
2F Ukiyo-tei (Japanese cuisine)
One Plate Set Meal (Included all you can drink from other menu)
Grilled Australian Rib Loin 2,500JPY
Fish & Chips 2,000JPY
(Above two dishes available for kids by half price)
*Japan games only.
Heineken Beers are ready for you!
2F Yamazen-tei Sake standing bar /
2F Ukiyo-tei (Japanese cuisine)
Beers are provided by Heineken, the official sponsor of this worldwide Rugby event!
Get 30% disccount on the admission fee.
Register with your email address and get 30% disscount cupon for enjoy Rugby World Cup 2019 at Solniwa Onsen!
※This cupon is only valid during Rugby World Championship 2019 (September 20 to November 2, 2019).
Wear your Rugby uniform for 30% discoung on the admission fee
For customers wearing Rugby uniforms of national teams from all over the world, you will get 30% discount on the admission fee.
※Solaniwa staff will check the uniform.
※This coupon is only valid during Rugby World Championship 2019 (September 20 to November 2, 2019).

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