Operation Hours・Fee

Opening Hours

11:00am~9:00am the next day (Last entry: 8:00 / Main baths can be used until 8:30)

※ Unaccompanied children under 16 years old must check out
by 19:00, and those under 18 years old by 22:00.

Closing Day
6.19(wed)、7.10(wed)、 8.21(wed)、 9.11(wed)、10.9(wed)、11.20(wed)、12.8(wed)
Admission fee
Weekday Weekend / Holidays Special Days
Adult 2,400 yen 2,600 yen 2,800 yen
Child 1,200 yen 1,300 yen 1,400 yen
※ Child price applies to children from 4 to 12 years old.
  Children under 4 years old entrance is free of charge.
※Included towel and yukata.
Morning bath
(Last entry: 8:00 / Main baths can be used until 8:30)
Weekday Weekend / Holidays Special Days
Adult 1,200 yen 1,300 yen 1,400 yen
Child 600 yen 650 yen 700 yen
Admission fee from 6:00 to 9:00
※Included towel and yukata.
Night admission
Weekday Weekend / Holidays Special Days
Adult, Child
(Same fee)
2,000 yen 2,200 yen 2,200 yen
Extra fee will be charged for usage after 1am.
Bedrock sauna
11:00~23:00 (Last admission 22:00)
Weekday Weekend / Holidays Special Days
Adult 1,000 yen 1,200 yen 1,200 yen
※ The Bedrock sauna is available for adults only.
Private Family Bath
11:00~23:00 (Last admission 21:00)

Large room
First two hours    10,000yen / 1room

※ The extended time will be charged 4,000yen per hour.
※ Recommended 4 to 6 people.

Small room
First two hours   7,000yen / 1room

※ The extended time will be charged 3,000yen per hour.
※ Recommended up to 4people.
※ Price for our wheelchair-accessible room is the price of the small room.
Fish Therapy
12:00~21:00 (Last admission 20:45)
10 minutes Extended
5 minutes
Adult 1,000 yen 500 yen
Child 600 yen 300 yen
Powder room

(For ladies only)
13:00~22:00 (Last admission 21:30)

500 yen / per seat for 30 minutes
Operation hour
2F Ukiyo-tei

11:00~22:00 (L.O. 21:30)

Breakfast 7:00~8:45AM (L.O. 8:20AM)

Nawanoren Izumi-ya /
Tsunokuni-ya /

11:00~22:00(L.O. 21:30)

Midnight Menu23:00~26:00(L.O. 26:00)

Sake Shop: Yamazen-tei


2F Komachi-chaya


The Benten Street General Store /
Sake Standing Bar: Itamigo Yamanakaya /
Benihana Cosmetics /
Solaniwa confectionery


Massage & Este Keirakuin

ボディケア / ストレッチ 11:30~翌3:00(受付開始11:30 / 受付終了 翌2:30)

エステ 11:30~23:00(受付開始11:30 / 受付終了 22:00)

Foot massage Shop YUMEYA

11:30~22:00(受付開始11:30 / 受付終了 21:00)

2F Kimono rental KYONISHIKI
11:00~21:00(受付開始11:00 / 受付終了 20:30)

(カメラマン撮影対応時間 11:00~19:00)
(フォトスポット機撮影対応時間 11:00~17:00 日没で終了)

The Beauty room

13:00~22:00 (受付終了 21:30)

Bedrock Sauna Place

11:00~23:00 (受付終了 22:00)

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